Senmata is an innovative, patented, luxurious pregnancy pillow that women love. Discover this modular maternity pillow that adjusts to your growing belly and forget about sleepless nights during pregnancy.


Do you know how much sleep during pregnancy is recommended? Do you know that sleeping too little or too much may harm your health, as it ups risk of high blood pressure? Study revealed that women generally need seven to nine hours of sleep per night during pregnancy, preferably nine hours.

Do you know what the best sleeping position for pregnant women is?

You can find more information on why sleeping on your left side is recommended by the doctors. 

Pregnancy sleep is more important than you might think at first, and should not be taken lightly.

Sleeping during pregnancy may be challenging because of many reasons (problems with acquiring comfortable sleeping position, frequent bathroom night visits, party in your belly when the baby starts moving, leg cramps, crazy pregnancy dreams when you are high on hormones and last but not least your digestive system problems).

Adjustable and really big full body pregnancy pillow such as senmata mamma can help with at least one of those problems - sleeping position. The rest is outside of our reach, but we can share a few tips on how to handle those as well.


Do you worry about giving birth?

That is quite normal in your condition. We have prepared a special MIND MOVIE to manifest happy pregnancy.

This mind movie will help you when you are pregnant and feeling down or afraid of the future. Watch this several times during the week and program your subconscious mind to manifest happy childbirth. And sleep well :)


Senmata on a national TV show for a second time

On Wednesday, September 8th 2010  senmata has been featured on TV on a daily show 'Question for breakfast'. This time starring in an episode about pregnancy pillows.

Recording of the TV show can be vieved here.

Pregnancy pillow in the movie with Jennifer Lopez ' The backup plan'

Who needs a pregnancy pillow anyway? 

Have you seen how Jennifer Lopez loved her pregnancy pillow in the movie "The backup Plan"? Have you seen how this has drove her man crazy? Do you remember why the pillow landed in the trash bin?

In her private life Jennifer used a pregnancy pillow when she was pregnant with twins. After giving birth to her babies her husband took over her fluffy pillow - This does not surprise us, because it appears to be a standard practice among 'pregnant' men :) Dear guys - stay away from our pillows!

senmata® is the only modular, patented pregnancy pillow that provides adjustible and flexible full body support during pregnancy sleep

Each week of your pregnancy brings new challanges and surprises. Sleeping on your side becomes uncomfortable and sometimes painful. As your belly grows it is more and more difficuilt to find the right body position to fall asleep. Specially designed pregnancy pillow will help you lay your body comfortably and release the tension in your lower back, neck, hip and knee. Properly adjusted maternity pillow will save many hours of precious sleep by providing your body with a soft nest to rest :) Sleeping on senmata will help you with:


Problems with human bone structure: spine (lower and upper back), pelvis and joints.

Back pain affects over 50% of pregnant women. The popularity of this phenomenon causes this serious problem to be classified as a standard state accompanying pregnancy and it's often disregarded and neglected. And it shouldn't be, as it takes away the joy of expecting for a child!

Ergonomic design of our innovative pregnancy pillow will relieve the back and hip tension by allowing your knee to rest higher, elevated to the level of your hip, hence removing the cause of the pain. Soft cushion under your belly will adjust your body position to remove the tension from your normally slightly twisted spine, hence preventing the mid spine pain. Additional pillow under your head creates comfortable head rest and releases neck pain.


Very often especially in the early pregnancy women can experience a dull back pain, which is being caused by a growing uterus pressuring on the spine. Resting your belly on a convenient and adjustable pillow can eliminate this pressure and prevent the pain.

Problems with circlulatory system: variocose veis, blood clots, feeling of heavy legs and leg crams

Growing uterus is pressing the inferior vena cava to the spine and lumbar muscles. It is especially dangerous while lying on the right side because it can cause a sharp decrease in venous return, which may result in fainting when standing up due to a sudden drop in blood pressure. Lying on the left side is the most optimal position for pregnant women.

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